Canadian Fitness Industry – Year End Update

Dear Canadian Fitness Industry,

October 2016 marked the 10th Anniversary for Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC), and we want to thank you for making this possible.

As the not-for-profit trade association that represents the voice of fitness facility operators across Canada. FIC operates solely by contributions from Canadian fitness clubs and sponsors. These contributions allow FIC to represent the fitness industry by paying legal fees as well as government and public relation fees.

Here is a quick update of some of our initiatives we have worked, and continue to work diligently on:

Music Licensing: Since 2007, FIC has been at the forefront of negotiations, legal tribunals and court appeals with Re:Sound (a music collective representing performers) and the Copyright Board of Canada. On March 2014, Re:Sound and FIC came to an agreement on music licensing fees for fitness facilities in the areas of Fitness and Dance Classes and Use of Music in Open Areas. FIC was able to negotiate a 10-year agreement of about $0.36 per class per year for FIC members. The original request by Re:Sound to the Copyright Board of Canada was $18.56 per member per year, which would have cost the Fitness Industry over $86 million per year. FIC is still working with Re:Sound and SOCAN to ensure a positive outcome for future music licensing fees.

Consumer Protection: Each province has their own legislation for consumer protection. FIC ensures that clubs understand and comply to their respective provinces (especially when dealing with contracts). This keeps the industry safe from harmful complaints and legal issues. Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Protection received investigation rights in 2015, and have started auditing fitness clubs for compliance. FIC began to work with the Ministry to obtain information regarding the inspection process. We provide clubs with the knowledge they need to run a business that complies with consumer protection laws prior to being visited by the Ministry. We are in the process of connecting with each province and outlining requirements for clubs according to their region.

Prescription to Get Active: In February 2016, a committee was created for the Prescription to Get Active initiative. This committee includes the Primary Care Network, municipalities, doctors, fitness facility owners/operators, university researchers, and other health and wellness organizations. FIC plays a major role in representing fitness clubs on the committee. The goal is to encourage doctors to prescribe exercise to patients who can bring their prescriptions to fitness clubs. Therefore, driving more people to visit clubs.

National Health and Fitness Day (NHFD): On December 2014, Bill-S211 was proclaimed by law, thus making it nationally celebrated day. The last NHFD was on June 4th, 2016. Participating clubs encouraged their members to bring friends and family for a workout free of charge on NHFD to promote the importance of physical activity. Involvement form clubs gained national media attention and encouraged thousands of prospective members into clubs across Canada. Please join us in celebrating the importance of our industry on June 3rd, 2017.

We would like to thank all our contributing clubs for ensuring the sustainability of FIC. Without your support, we would not have been about to protect and promote your business.

We encourage you to contact us at anytime by emailing

Yours in health,

David Hardy
Fitness Industry Council of Canada