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Posted on December 11, 2020 @ 4: 39 pm / Updated on December 11, 2020 @ 4: 40 pm

By: Fitness Industry Council of Canada

Fitness Industry Council (FIC) wishes to make it clear that the Canadian fitness industry trade association does not condone civil disobedience in the form of protests and illegal fitness facility openings. 
Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) represents the voice of the fitness industry across the country. Our members include (yet are not limited to) fitness providers from large format gyms as well as studios. From the beginning of the pandemic, FIC has been collaborating with the government, both federally and provincially. The health and safety of the population is what matters most during this challenging time. We have created guidelines for our member facilities to ensure a safe environment for their clients, members, and staff.
It has come to our attention that there are some facilities that are or are planning on practicing civil disobedience. FIC is against these actions as it goes against our code of conduct. We are not affiliated with any fitness businesses who practices civil disobedience in the form of protests and illegal fitness facility openings.
Although FIC complies with imposed regulations made by the government, it is our opinion that the absence of physical activity may cause adverse effects to everyone’s mental and physical condition. As such, we believe that fitness facilities should reopen to allow opportunity for all Canadians to maintain their health. Therefore, we are willing to work with the government to create best practices designated to our industry.
We know that the pandemic has economically harmed the fitness industry. There have been many sacrifices made. However, out of respect for all Canadians that have been complying with government recommendations since last March, FIC stands in support of what is best at this time for our nation. Thus, our member facilities have adapted new ways of operating in order to continue providing excellent service, when given the opportunity. 
FIC will continue our conversations with the government to have the fitness industry offered as a resource to improve mental and physical health for Canadians. 

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Fitness Industry Council of Canada

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is the not-for-profit trade association that represents the voice of fitness facility operators across Canada.

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