Understanding the Meaning of Adaptive Fitness: A Look at the New Collaborative Partnership Between FIC & Flex for Access

Posted on October 02, 2022 @ 2: 58 pm / Updated on October 02, 2022 @ 2: 58 pm

By: Fitness Industry Council of Canada

Various types of fitness programs are needed to cater to a range of individual abilities. Through knowledge and specialized programming, we can begin to harness growth and create actionable opportunities for change within the fitness industry.

FIC provides learning and networking opportunities by being an organization that operates as a council to working across Canada – with industry professionals, leaders in fitness, and consumers of fitness programming. Every professional and partner within FIC’s network provides a unique perspective, and varying expertise, all working towards a common goal.
As an industry, fitness is heavily built on the principle of community, relying on programming to be established as a way to move advocacy of pertinent issues and information forward. The aim is to ensure that our members find their community and feel empowered, educated, and supported.
Flex for Access is a registered non-profit organization with a mandate centered on social purpose that heavily focuses on community growth, reinforcement, and impact. Flex for Access delivers opportunities for adaptive fitness and sport for individuals who have physical challenges and/ or injuries which are either congenital (from birth) or acquired later in life. The purpose of Flex for Access is to inform the fitness industry by engaging with mainstream fitness businesses to address the large gap which exists in society for adaptive fitness literacy. There is a broad misconception still today that individuals with varying physical abilities cannot and/or should not engage in mainstream fitness. This idea and perception are often held because of a lack of understanding and practical knowledge needed to work with individuals with varying abilities, or fear on the fitness professional’s part and/or the client’s. Long with the potential lack of accessible infrastructure (of the facility) or resources (fitness/sports equipment and financial resources that the client may have, this gap in adaptive fitness widens. However, FIC’s partnership with Flex for Access is meant to be used as a tool.
Flex for Access closes this gap by providing funding for fitness-based training sessions for the individuals at fitness businesses, as well as funds for the purchase of adaptive fitness equipment. Flex for Access ensures to provide awareness of the importance of adaptive fitness as an actionable opportunity.
A collaborative partnership between Flex for Access and FIC is important for both organizations. Working together members of FIC will be able to understand the meaning of adaptive fitness and how to tailor programming to individuals who are part of special populations. This partnership means greater opportunities to facilitate fitness training sessions to help allow fitness facilities to become accessible by placing equipment into spaces and to gain awareness and knowledge for fitness professionals and movement-based practitioners.
Jess Silver, Executive Director of Flex for Access, is excited to share the eBook developed by Flex for Access and its organization partners, Adapt to Empower, which is now available for purchase through Flex for Access’ website under the Products and Resources Tab. The goal is for Adapt To Empower is to inform the way that all fitness professionals work with individuals who have physical challenges. The eBook also features exciting types of exercise equipment for fitness businesses to consider implementing in their establishments.
Flex for Access is excited to be partnering with FIC and is also hoping to see many of FIC’s Ontario-based members in attendance at their upcoming gala fundraiser on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022. Learn more about Flex for Access and how to donate at www.flexforaccess.ca.
Together, we can create greater awareness to redefine physical disability and injury and create more opportunities for adaptive fitness and sport using the hashtag #FlexForAccess on social media.
Flex for Access and FIC hopes to continue to advocate, educate, and empower through education and transformational opportunities for an enhanced and vibrant life.

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