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Posted on December 06, 2020 @ 10: 37 pm

By: Dino Camire, One Family Fitness Centre

How many times have you stepped into a supplement store and been overwhelmed by the number of products available? How many times have you been told, after the fact, that the products you take are useless? That there is no benefit to the products you’re consuming? Have you taken products and not noticed any changes? Are you the victim of placebos being sold with extreme claims? Bodies by Science aims to offer a minimalist line of products. Our experts know what works and what doesn’t, instead of offering a massive line of products we offer 4; Whey Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin D and a Stimulant (caffeine) based pre-workout. These products have decades of research and proven results and when paired with a healthy and balanced lifestyle with plenty of exercise, sleep, and self care, you can rest assured you’ll notice the difference. Let’s talk about our 4 products;


Increase muscle size and recovery – Protein is essential for the growth and repair of our body; this includes muscle! When we say something is essential, we mean the body can’t make it from other things we eat so we need to eat it. When we exercise we damage muscles, our immune system goes in and fixes muscles but needs essential protein to do it. The RDA for protein is 0.8g/kg, many studies have shown that most people don’t hit the RDA and 2. The RDA is likely too low for exercisers. We suggest 1g/lb of bodyweight as a target, but working up to that over time.

Increase and maintain fatloss – the consumption of more protein means you’re likely consuming less of the other nutrients, fats and carbs, both are sources of energy and although very important they aren’t often as filling as protein. By consuming protein rich meals we can feel fuller longer. Increasing protein may also reduce muscle loss during fat loss phases, keeping your metabolism elevated and allowing you to continue to burn fat longer.

Immune function – Protein, which consists of amino acids, don’t only build muscle, they also are important for the immune system and skeletal system. Enzymes which are responsible for digestion, energy production, blood clotting and muscle contraction are all proteins made from the food we eat. Imagine the effect a low protein diet could have on the way the body operates. Your entire body is built out of protein; your muscle, skin, nails, hair and most fluids.


Energy Metabolism – consuming creatine monohydrate increases your creatine phosphate stores. Our muscles, organs and brain use phosphocreatine in the formation of ATP – “energy”. As you age phosphocreatine stores decline, they also decline due to lack of sleep or when following certain plant based diets. Consuming 20g of creatine for 6 days can increase store by 20%, we would them consume maintenance doses of 3-5g per day to maintain this elevation.

Brain function – the brain uses 20% of energy you consume as an adult and 50% of the energy consumed by children. It goes through a lot of ATP. Increasing phosphocreatine stores in the brain may also help with the management of neurological diseases and conditions that affect the brain.

Strength and Power – Muscles use energy and increasing availability of energy to the cells can have all kinds of impacts on muscle and strength gains. In one review looking at 250 studies, participants gained double the muscle mass when consuming creatine and training than training alone. 

Creatine is safe and with over 100 years of research, there are no known negative side effects of routine consumption of creatine. Here are 10 graphs that demonstrate the value of consuming creatine daily .

Vitamin D:

Bone health: The simplest definition of vitamin D is that it’s not even a vitamin, but a hormone. It’s a steroid hormone produced from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to the sun. However most of us do not get significant sun exposure and require protection from the sun via shade and sunscreen, therefore a supplement is almost always recommended. Dietary vitamin D is not a reliable source of vitamin D and research has shown almost half of the US population is deficient. D2 is found in food and D3 is the supplement. D3 is almost twice as effective. When we think of vitamin D we often think of bone health and its role with respect to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in your gut, leading to stronger bones.

Muscle health: Vitamin D has been shown to increase strength in those who are deficient. We are now finding receptors in the muscle cells for vitamin D. Vitamin D levels do correlate both with muscle size and strength. We see even greater results in the elderly who tend to be greatly deficient in many nutrients including vitamin D.
Immune Function: We are always learning more benefits with respect to vitamin D and studies are showing its positive effect on immune function. A study in JAMA showed a reduction in risk of MS in those that had sufficient vitamin D. A study published in Circulation showed a reduced risk of heart disease and a study in AJCN showed a reduced risk of developing the flu. The consensus being immune function is positively associated with robust levels of vitamin D. A study in PLOS One showed that sufficient levels of vitamin D were associated with a reduced risk of adverse effect in patients with Covid-19, this is great news that in a pandemic, something as simple as taking a “vitamin” may have an effect.


Energy and focus – Caffeine has been shown time and time again to increase endurance, it’s a nervous system stimulant, it gets you going and keeps you going. Studies show an increase in strength and power in people new to caffeine, however if you’re a habitual user you may need to take periods to wash out in order to get an effect. Large doses of caffeine may be useful before heavy strength workouts to help you lift a little heavier. Caffeine being a stimulant also improves focus, leafing to better workouts.
Fatloss Caffeine has been shown to increase release of stored fat into the blood by 30%, increasing available fat is important when it comes to fatloss however these effects are short lived and may have less impact over the long run. The real benefits come from more focused, longer and higher intensity workouts performed because of the consumption of caffeine. These better workouts over time lead to better results. 
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Dino Camire, One Family Fitness Centre

Dino Camire is a husband and father of 3, he has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, is the President and Founder of One Family Fitness Centre and the Founder and CEO of Bodies by Science Supplements. A lifelong athlete Dino started in Judo as a national level competitor, moving to competing in mixed martial arts professionally. Started competing in drug ...

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