Providing a Safe and Memorable Experience for Your Members

Posted on December 04, 2020 @ 9: 57 pm

By: Maria Morton, Club Automation

The health club industry is built by close communities. As clubs begin their re-opening efforts, the connected nature of these communities will make the new reality of capacity limits difficult to accept. Let’s look at some simple ways you can encourage connection without contact and safely re-open your club.

Providing a Safe and Memorable Experience for Your Members

 The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique member experience challenge. That is, to provide a safe and memorable visit for every customer. Human connection without contact may seem impossible or at least counterintuitive in the club industry, but we are eager to share some simple solutions to get you started. One of those newest solutions is Daxko On Demand, which enables clubs to provide a virtual class experience and drive member engagement. Using the club’s personal brand, Daxko On Demand lets you provide your members with access to live and recorded classes they can join from anywhere with an internet connection. In a similar way, your club can benefit from a mobile app throughout the reopening process as well. With your own mobile app, members can register for fitness classes and programs, update their profiles, browse and purchase packages, pay their bills, and even receive push notification updates from your club. 

 A key requirement for providing a safe and memorable experience for your members is to have safe and effective engagement with your team members. GroupEx PRO (GXP) can fuel your club’s safe engagement with team members, especially in our new reality created by COVID-19. With a solution like GXP, your club can eliminate the need for in-person team meetings. Furthermore, GXP enables clubs to easily manage their scheduling online which allows for minimal contact and real-time program updates. 

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Maria Morton, Club Automation

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