Membership & Sponsorship Options



Small Club (less than 1,000 members)

$500 per year, 42 per month plus GST.

With GST: $525 per year or $44.10 per month.

Large Club (more than 1,000 members)

$84 per month or $1,000 per year plus GST.

With GST: $1,050 per year or $88.20 per month.



Platinum Sponsor: from $15,000

Gold Sponsor: from $8,000

Silver Sponsor: from $4,000

Bronze Sponsor: from $1,000




Interac e-Transfer

Please send your e-transfer payment to (*No password will be required, as auto-deposit has been established for this email).

  • Please include your name and the name of your business in the Interac e-transfer. If possible, please send us a short message about the type of donation you would like to make (monthly, yearly, or one-time donation).
  • You will receive an email acknowledgement of your accepted transfer.
  • Learn more about Interac e-Transfer, by clicking here.

Direct Deposit

If you wish to send us a direct deposit, please send an email to We will provide you with our account information (Transit Number, Institution Number, and Account Number).

Credit Card Payments

To make a payment with your credit card, please contact FIC’s Executive Director, Trisha Sarker by clicking here.

Mobile Cheque Deposit

To email us a cheque, please take a clear picture of the front and back of your cheque and email it to If you don’t feel comfortable sending cheques via email, you could upload your images to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud and send the files securely to Gmail and Outlook also offer ways to secure your emails.

In addition, you can also mail us your cheque. Our business name is Fitness Industry Council of Canada, and our mailing address is 13543 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton Alberta, T5L 5E7.

Thank you, for your support.