National Health And Fitness Day


National Health and Fitness Day is SATURDAY JUNE 3 2023.

We have one united message: Let’s MOVE CANADA!

We are inviting all FIC members to join the National Fitness Party! Our goal is to have millions of Canadians visit our facilities on National Health and Fitness Day.

Here’s how you can take part.
  • Between May 29th and June 3rd, use your social media to build momentum. Ideas can be found in the NHFD toolkit. Similar to previous years, there are “moves of the day” with social media tiles (for posts and stories) that you can download. There are also frames that you can place around your own pictures.
  • The two hashtags are #letsmovecanada and #showusyourmoves.
  • On Saturday June 3rd, waive any drop-in fees for your facility. Let’s make fitness free for all Canadians.
  • Invite your members to invite friends and family to join them that day using the Attached National Health and Fitness Day invitation.
  • Please download the full National Health and Fitness Day Toolkit from the NHFD website. In addition to the social media tiles, there are letters to fitness influencers. Create a buzz around this day!
  • If you would like to rebrand a fitness class for National Health and Fitness Day, please do - there is no pressure, but it is a fun idea and a way to engage new members!
  • Make a copy of this letter to send to your local MP/MPP/city councilor inviting them to your facility that day. Our leaders are the best champions for the fitness industry!
  • We will promote your fitness establishment’s involvement on our Facebook page and on Instagram.
  • We will provide you with a press release next week to use for local media to come to the event!

Our next meeting is FRIDAY MAY 26th at 1:30 PM EST. To attend, please contact