Public Policy Agenda

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is proud to be the primary defender and promoter of the Canadian commercial fitness industry across Canada.

Our public policy agenda is both defensive and offensive. We seek to prevent government(s) from doing things that are harmful to our industry, and to strengthen initiatives that will help grow our industry.

Our recent initiatives include:

Federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit:

In 2006 before the Conservative Party of Canada became the current Canadian government, they outlined their plan to introduce a tax credit for Children’s fitness in their 2006 Federal Election Platform: entitled Stand Up For Canada. Before the Bill was introduced into law the Ministry of Finance set up an advisory panel headed by Dr. Keelie Leitch to determine which physical activities would qualify for the new credit. During this process FIC presented before the committee in order to amend the proposed legislation to include gym memberships.

Provincial Lobbying Efforts:

During the past five years, FIC has also continued to advocate for the extension of the federal Children’s Fitness Tax Credit on a provincial and territorial scale. With the belief being that the goal of achieving a federal Adult Fitness Tax Credit will be easier to obtain if the provinces and territories have already adopted the existing federal program. Adult Fitness Tax Credit: The Adult Fitness Tax Credit campaign began in 2006 by FIC with our www.AdultFitnessTaxCredit.ca website where supporters could utilize the site to send electronic postcards to their local MLA, The Minister of Finance and The Prime Minister of Canada indicating their support for an Adult Fitness Tax Credit. At the same time, over 1 million printed postcards were distributed to over 1,500 clubs across Canada for members to sign and then send to the Minister of Finance.

Following this campaign, FIC sought out secondary support to provide the Government of Canada with irrefutable evidence, indicating the Canadian public wanted an Adult Fitness Tax Credit and that there were definite economic benefits for the government to implement such a measure.