Be a Positive Influencer

May 24, 2024

Influencers are a powerful force in the fitness world. The creator economy has a current market size estimated at $104.2 billion dollars – more than double its value since 2019. Fitness and health influencers demand our attention every time we open an app from Instagram to Tik Tok, offering motivation and inspiration – and often shady advice – to billions of viewers (In fact, YouTube alone has over 2.6B users worldwide).

And yet, there is something missing when inactivity levels remain alarmingly high, and when obesity is at a crisis point. For those of us in the fitness industry, we know – regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, with incredible physical and mental health transformations that start on the gym floor and ripple through our life. But what many of our members might not realize is that in transforming their life at the gym, they have the potential to influence the lives of their loved ones.

Research underscores the powerful effect of social influence in shifting healthier behavior. Saturday June 1st is National Health and Fitness Day, and Fitness Industry Council of Canada, the voice of the Canadian fitness industry – is inspiring every gym member across the country to Be a Positive Influencer and become a catalyst for positive change.