National Health and Fitness Day RECAP

Jun 6, 2023

  • We ran. 
  • We pushed.
  • We lifted. 
  • We danced. 
  • We played. 
  • We moved. 

 On Saturday, June 3, Fitness Industry Council of Canada inspired fitness facilities across the country to open their doors to Canadians with one mission – to host a National Fitness Party and deliver the important message: 

Let’s Move Canada.

 “This is what we do best – get Canadians moving, and the facilities across our association rose to the challenge with heart and passion, like true leaders,” says Gabriel Hardy, Executive Director of FItness Industry Council Canada.  “Canadians were given free access to all FIC gyms, invited to special events and members were encouraged to bring friends and family to join the party. We had fun! Because Yes, fitness is fun 🙂 ”

From Victoria to St.John’s, Newfoundland, fitness facilities hosted special National Health and Fitness Day classes to celebrate the power of exercise to transform lives. 

 “We know the first step moving from sedentary to active again is often the hardest to take,” says Hardy. “We also know everyone needs inspiration, encouragement and support to get moving, and we are proud to represent exactly that solution, a place where you can get all the above, with great ambiance and the feeling of being part of a community, an healthy one” 

 National Health and Fitness Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of June in Canada each year, after being proposed by Senator Nancy Greene-Raine in 2010 to make Canada the fittest nation in the world.  This year’s #letsmovecanada campaign was honoured by cities and municipalities all across the country, with many federal, provincial and city leaders coming to events to show their support for the important role that physical activity plays in our lives. 

 “Our hope is that each year, we inspire Canadians to join our health studios and discover how being part of a fitness community can improve their life,” says Hardy. “Health is not the absence of diseases.é, but the ability to cope with it ! Fitness Industry Council of Canada will continue to lobby our governments to prioritise the work we do to improve the physical, mental and social health of Canadians. It was incredible to see the industry come together on National Health and Fitness Day and we want Canadians to know our doors are always open!”

 Many Fitness Industry Council of Canada members took the National Health and Fitness Day initiative and extended it beyond June 3, offering free sessions and one-on-one consultations with in-house experts for the month of June. To find out more, and how your gym can be part of the #movementmovement contact [email protected].