AI Transformation: Three Ways AI Can and Will Revolutionize the Fitness Industry

Apr 9, 2024

If you feel like technology is moving so fast, you can hardly keep up – you are right.

In an era of lightning speed technological advancement, artificial intelligence has emerged as a catalyst of change for every industry – and if you own a fitness business, this is an exciting time to take advantage of all the ways AI can help you thrive. On Friday April 19th, Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) will host a special 1-hour webinar titled AI: The Revolution is Here – just one of many ways FIC is helping fitness businesses grow and emerge as powerhouse leaders.

From automated systems, to enhanced ways to engage with your members, we are giving a teaser on how the AI revolution is here, and how you can benefit from the amazing, transformative power of AI. This week we shine a spotlight on ways AI will change your client relationships – and next week we will look at how AI is influencing business tools.