Will the Federal Budget Answer FIC’s Call to Action?

Apr 19, 2024

By Erin Phelan

Fitness Industry Council of Canada

Today, the federal government will announce its 2024 budget with the expectation they will address the housing crisis, the cost of living and climate change.

But what about physical activity?

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC), the not-for-profit association that speaks for the Canadian fitness industry, submitted a budget proposal that had several key demands, including the proposal to revise line 33099, allowing gym memberships to be included as a medical expense on Canadian’s tax forms. All scientific research and medical evidence points to this: Being physically active dramatically reduces rates of chronic disease, and physically active people put less strain on the healthcare system.

FIC also proposed a Physical Activity Tax Credit for Seniors – submitting a research paper that showed that a senior who is physically active is less likely to fall and end up in the ER and is more likely to be able to live independently for longer, and will cost the health care system up to $1874 less money in health insurance claims.