Latest Studies on Exercise

Apr 24, 2024

With National Health and Fitness Day on the horizon, it is time to start gathering evidence on exactly how powerful exercise truly is for improving physical and mental health! This past week, exercise made the headlines again for reducing heart disease. Every week, a new study emerges that reveals the potency of exercise in preventing and treating chronic illnesses, and improving mental health.

This week, Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) shines a spotlight on recent studies making headline news.

1. Exercise Reduces Heart Disease by 23% (and bonus benefit) 

 Research from Massachusetts General Hospital suggests that physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by diminishing stress-related brain activity. Over a decade, individuals meeting recommended activity levels had a 23% lower risk of cardiovascular issues, with the protective benefits seen even more in participants with depression. Led by Dr. Ahmed Tawakol, the study examined 50,359 participants from the Mass General Brigham Biobank, highlighting the psychological and cardiovascular advantages of staying active.